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How often should I have my prongs checked on my wedding ring?

Prongs and channels should be checked a least every 6 months. Even new jewelry may develop loose stones or bent prongs due to softness of gold. If prongs are catching on clothing, towels and hair it could indicate a prong has pulled away from the stone and should be repaired as soon as possible.
What is the difference between white gold and platinum jewelry?

Gold comes out of the earth yellow in color. White gold is made by mixing gold with other alloys, usually nickel and zinc, to make it white in color. The mix is usually about 50/50 for 14kt gold.

Platinum comes out of the earth white and when made into jewelry still is about 90% platinum. With platinumís value per ounce about double that of goldís and the higher percentage of precious metal in the finished product platinum will usually be 4-5 time more in cost than a comparable piece. Plus platinumís longer wearing and more durable properties (not harder) allows jewelry that is made from it capable of being worn a lifetime.
If diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, why did mine chip?

Diamonds are the hardest substance that comes from the earth, but hardness means resistance to scratching. Thus you can only scratch a diamond with another diamond. Yet when a small diamond comes into contact with the corner brick on the edge of a building .... ouch!.... The smaller less mass object (diamond) will come out the looser.
Why does my solid gold ring turn my finger black when I wear it?

Solid gold even 14kt gold and higher may leave a black smudge mark on the finger its worn on but its not the rings fault. Most of the time this can be traced back to lotions, soaps and makeup that have fine tiny particles of substances that are harder than gold. In many cases long wearing makeup has titanium powder in it which is as hard as steel. If this happens, regular cleaning of jewelry and leaving it off while applying these personal products will help.
When I leave my diamond somewhere to be worked on, how do I know if I am getting the same one back when I pick it up?

The first rule is to leave your jewelry with someone whose is reputable and whose has earned your trust. Second, make sure that you have detailed Insurance Replacement Appraisal that gives all the specific details and data that is the blueprint to your diamond jewelry. Third, ask to see your diamond up close and personal with a jewelers loupe, microscope or other viewing system. Jewelers that want to earn and keep your trust will be glad to accommodate you.