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Welcome to Park Avenue Gallery


Our mission is to ensure our guests receive the highest Quality, Affordable and Life long Service on everything we sell.


Congratulations you are about to enter as our guest into one of the finest and up to date Jewelry and gift stores on the internet. The staff at Park Avenue Gallery has been instructed to offer you our guest the most complete Customer service in our special fields.


Our Diamond department is trained by the Gemological Institute of America and our buyers travel the main diamond districts in Antwerp Belgium, Tele Aviv Israel and Australia We do the shopping for you to find the very best values for comparable size and quality in the market place.


Our Jewelry department has over 3o years experience

Custom designed pieces of jewelry art sold world wide


Our watch and clock department has over 30 years experience. Trained in Switzerland and interned in the Rolex factory, Bolivia factory and the Swiss Ebausch factory receiving a Certified Masters degree in Horology (the study of time)


Our Precious Gem and semi Precious Gemstone departments have been educated by the Gemological Institute of America


Our Appraisal and insurance replacement department is certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Giving you the most accurate values on your Jewelry and gift items, specializing in estate jewelry and watches and clocks.


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