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The beauty of gold is undeniable

Of all the world’s most precious metals, only gold can claim these four exceptional qualities:

• Optimum beauty
• Flexibility
• Rarity
• Virtual Indestructibility

This is why the desire to own karat gold jewelry is as strong today as it was centuries ago. In fact, the first ounce of gold ever mined is probably still in existence somewhere in the world today.

The gold jewelry you buy at Park Avenue Jewelry is of the highest quality manufactured anywhere. Park Avenue Jewelry’s gold chains are purchased directly from Italy, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Gold Properties
Karat is the term used to indicate the amount of gold in a piece of gold jewelry. Gold in its pure form is referred to as 24kt (karat) and is an extremely soft metal. To manufacture gold jewelry, 24kt gold is mixed with other metals referred as alloys. Alloys of silver, copper, nickel or zinc are used to create not only a harder metal., but also to create varying shades and colors of gold.

In the United States, 10kt is the legal minimum for jewelry to be called gold. The most popular form of gold jewelry is 14kt, while 10kt is fast becoming popular due to its durability and affordable price. Remember the term karat is used to designate the proportion of gold or fineness of gold in a piece of jewelry.

Gold karatage is regulated by law, and the karatage standard is consistent throughout the world.

All gold jewelry sold at Park Avenue Gallery is either 10 karat or 14 karat gold. You will find each piece is stamped 10kt or 14kt when manufactured in the U.S., or stamped .4166 or .5833 when manufactured in Europe. The karat stamp is your assurance of gold fineness, and that you are purchasing real gold jewelry.

How do you validate karatage for yourself?
Every piece of gold jewelry has a karat stamp. At Park Avenue Jewelers, you can feel assured all of our gold jewelry is of the finest quality and meets all standards for gold jewelry.

Popular Gold Chain Styles
Rope – Available in hand-made, classic and diamond cut designs. Thinner pieces are good for use with medium to heavy pendants. Some rope chains are hollow, giving you a large look at an affordable price. Two or three chains can be worn layered for an especially rich look.

Herringbone – Available in regular, triple and quadruple designs. A diamond cut finish makes it a very fashionable chain. Herringbone chains are generally worn by themselves because of the elegant look.

Links – Often preferred by men for their durability and very fashionable for women as well. Many popular styles are available. The Figaro is an especially popular design.

Box and Singapore – Boxed chain is a square flexible chain. It’s strong and a good choice for use with a pendant.

Singapore chain is made in single and multiple strands in a twisted design. It is also a popular choice for wearing with charms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a “p” stamped on gold jewelry mean (14kp)?
The p in 14kp stands for plumb. 14 karat plumb. Plum means exactly true. 14kp is exactly 14kt. The p does not mean plated.

Will 10kt gold peel or chip?
No! Chipping or peeling is a problem that occurs with items when gold is plated onto a base metal. Real gold will not peel or chip.

What is Black Hills Gold?
A traditional design of gold jewelry featuring a motif of grapes and leaves made of green, rose and yellow gold which is manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Is it real gold if a piece of gold jewelry turns my skin black?

Often referred to as “gold smudge” it is caused by a chemical reaction, tarnish or exposure to makeup, chemicals, soap build-up or lotions. Regular cleaning and careful wear can often eliminate such a problem.

If scratches appear on my jewelry can they be removed?

Yes, scratches can be buffed out of a piece of gold jewelry by a trained jeweler.

Will the finish on this piece wear off?

Because the finish on a piece of jewelry is confined to its surface, there is always the potential for it to show wear over time, especially with rings which are in constant contact with your skin and other objects. If the finish does start to disappear, it can be refinished by a trained jeweler.

Can I wear gold jewelry every day?

Choosing a piece of gold jewelry that is consistent with your lifestyle is very important. For the everyday wear, consider items that tend to be more durable. Jewelry that is more delicate is best left for occasional wear. Matching jewelry to your lifestyle will assure you years of enjoyment.

The early goldsmiths could never have imagined the ingenuity of today’s jewelry craftsman and their ability to develop machines that make it possible for just about everyone to own and wear beautiful karat gold jewelry.

Caring for your Gold Jewelry

Just as gold itself has been a treasure for many years, so too should every piece of gold jewelry last a lifetime.

Each piece should be stored separately on a soft, smooth surface to prevent scratching and tangling.

Flat gold chains should be allowed to rest at their full length to prevent kinking.

Avoid bathing while wearing your gold jewelry. Ordinary soap and water can cause film to form on the surface, making ti appear dull and dingy.

Perfumes or hairspray should be applied before putting on your gold jewelry.


Do not clean gold with any abrasive or strong substance. A solution of mild detergent, warm water and a small amount of ammonia can be used. Always use a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush when cleaning.

After cleaning and rinsing, dry and polish with a chamois or other soft cloth.